Deep Travel

Cruising Responsibly

As a sustainable travel professional, I often get asked about cruising. Do I cruise? What do I think about cruising? Is cruising as bad as people think? Do they still dump waste in the ocean? Admittedly, the cruise industry earned a lot of it negative environmental reputation after decades of less-than-ethical activities. That said, a […]

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Lindblad Expeditions Aids Galapagos

I love it when travel is used for good around the world. There are many choices in travel companies to patronize when your cruising, touring, or even just staying at a hotel. The ones that use their economic power to help others in need, conserve natural resources, or protect human rights deserve our business more […]

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What is Deep Travel?

They say that travel broadens your horizons. Certainly, it exposes you to a variety of people and places that you otherwise would not meet. The more you travel, the more you begin to see that we are but one small person, in a small community, on a large planet. The scale of your perspective on […]

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