Independent travelers and organizations seeking destination insights to assist in their travel planning will benefit from our expertise in Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. We can provide you with the following advisory services:

  • 1 hour private consultation by phone or in person – $60/hour
  • 1 hour group presentation – $100/hour
  • Itinerary planning with 3 complimentary revisions (no bookings) – $150
  • Itinerary revisions or review – $50

Topics may include recommendations for best places to go, budget travel, getting around, local culture, proper dress, vegetarian/vegan travel, political climate, history, environment/ecology, and more. These countries are not just places we visited. We lived and traveled extensively in these areas, embedded in their societies – constantly interacting with locals, working, and attending school. By working with us, we will help you minimize uncomfortable and unexpected situations and to take some of the fear out of traveling through unknown countries so you can focus on why traveled there whether that is to have fun, broaden your horizons, or make an impact.

Need something not listed? We are happy to hear your request and will let you know whether or not we can accommodate. 


Deep/responsible travelers looking for even more support will benefit from our comprehensive travel advising and booking services offered through our Bella Rose Travel agency. We do not charge booking fees for most products, though some exceptions apply for non-commissionable items. Please review the Bella Rose Travel website for complete details.


Destinations & Tour Guides

We work with a variety of travel and tourism businesses who want to improve their visitor experience while creating an environmental and socially responsible program.

Services Provided:

  • Design & Evaluation
    • Interpretive programs
    • Interpretive signs
    • Education centers & museums
    • Print collateral
  • Staff Training
    • Tour guide 
    • Leadership
    • Environmental issues
    • Teambuilding
    • Goal setting
  • Photography
    • Documentation of resources and services for marketing and/or educational use
    • Resource inventory
  • Project Design
    • Volunteer projects
    • Stakeholder meetings, seminars & workshops
    • Strategic planning

Please contact us to discuss scope and pricing.

We are also available to work on a retainer. Fee will be based size and time requirements of company.

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